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For the past few days I’ve been researching and reading to understand what it is exactly sell a fiction book. Left, right, center, most marketing strategies we see are mostly for non fiction books because most non-fiction books give you a guideline on how to achieve something. It’s easier to convince someone to buy a book that will teach them something than to convince them to buy a book that will just make them feel good, right?

So, how do you convince people to buy your “story book”?

Here are some points to help market your fiction books better:

1. Pull your readers into the story. Have you ever come across a story (on Facebook or anywhere) that tells the story of a location you are familiar with? Did you get interested in the story? Did you want to read more of the story?

When you tell relatable stories or use relatable plot lines, you draw in a lot of readers.

2. Give the tips of the iceberg.
You cannot appear from the middle of nowhere and start telling me how much of a wonderful story teller you are and that I need to buy your book to “experience” your story telling ability. Are there places where people can go and see snippets of what you’ve done? Have people been reading you before now?

Okay, now that you’ve written the book, have you shared snippets of the book that could pull people in? Have you told stories around the book? What inspired it? Challenges while writing it? Clips of the twists and turns? Etc.

These are little things that make people feel like they are part of your journey to writing the book and they want to partake of your (you and them) sweat.

3. Uphold a cause. Have you ever wondered why Black Panther is as successful as it is? It’s supporting a cause of a minority-the riches of the black continent (funny that it was created by whites). Wonder why Harry Potter is so successful? It’s painting a set of people (witches) in a new light. We can mention phenomenal story lines and point to the fact that the stories mostly support certain causes.

4. Get a proper review of your book.
Some people will read your book because of the blurb of your book or the review given concerning the book. Find someone “good” to write a review of your book. Pass the book blurb through eyes that can critique it constructively before passing it on for publishing.

5. Blow your own trumpet.
I don’t think this needs to be more emphasized. Nobody can sell you better than you. Use every available medium to talk about the book. Link it to trends and talk about it. Make jokes about it. By all means, market your book by yourself.

This is not exhaustive but I hope it has opened your eyes to some truths.

Above all, bear in mind that your book marketing starts from the day you conceive the idea of the book.



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