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My Story

My name is Ijeoma TDaniels. Here is my story and it explains why I started proonline writers.

When I left my banking work with my plenty salary and decided to go into full-time writing, I didn’t know what I was doing. I will be totally sincere with you. I had landed a client who I thought I will survive on until I land other clients and kick off my million Naira career in writing.
I started the job with this client and found out that it was too tasking and the pay- let me not talk about it before I start crying. I had to drop the job and I had nothing else to do.

You know how necessity is the mother of invention? That was how my research started but I was always distracted by the next shiny thing.
I was broke too many times that I cried. October 2016, I hit something that looked like gold. And I decided to dig deep. I stayed there.
It was Upwork.

I started reading everything I knew about getting jobs on Upwork and getting paid. Initially, it was rough. I didn’t know what my clients wanted and combined with the fact that most of them always looked for Native English speakers.
I tried a number of things that didn’t work and worked and I got the formula. Today, if I set out to apply for 7 jobs on Upwork, I’ll get 4 interviews.

Between October 2016 till date, I have earned and I have lost. Now I know what writing online entails.
I dedicate over 14 hours of my day to writing. Either I am writing, or I’m reading about writing, or I’m researching on writing or I’m listening to audio about writing and I find my world of writing opening daily.

I have taught and helped writers who struggle to create professional copy, stories, and articles.
Creative Writing Class
There are a few things I have done as a writer viz: Social media manager, content creation for websites and blogs, ghostwriting and more.